Brooker Creek Preserve

The Brooker Creek Preserve Environmental Education Center lies within Pinellas County’s largest natural area, Brooker Creek Preserve, and is part of Parks and Conservation Resources. The Center supports the applied management and ecological monitoring objectives of the division through educational programming and volunteerism.

The center provides a window into natural Florida through interpretive programs and hikes, educational instruction, exhibits and public outreach activities, presentations and workshops, and other events. Residents and visitors alike who are curious to learn more about the Preserve and its history can experience, discover and better understand the connections between people and the land through the Center’s offerings.

Come play and learn with FYCCN and Sensing Nature! We take the headache out of planning a field trip with a menu of options for your field trip experience. Menus are listed by group size. Once you've decided on how to spend your visit with us, simply fill out your group registration form below and send it to

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Brooker Creek Preserve Environmental Education Center

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Brooker Creek Preserve
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Phone: (727) 453-6800
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