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Cypress Pillar Healing Arts is dedicated to helping "grow a healthier you" through programs and services that support the mind, body, and spirit. We believe very strongly that connecting people to nature as well as teaching traditional outdoor activities such as archery, kayaking, fishing, environmental education, mindfulness, and outdoor survival can truly help improve health. These types of programs are a vital part of our Healing Arts Center's offerings. We provide programs at our center, online via virtual classes, and also offsite at parks and preserves.

Cypress Pillar Healing Arts has been operating in Sarasota, Florida since 2016. Our physical location offers a variety of healing modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture and Chinese herbalism), Massage Therapy, and consults in Western herbalism. We provide a monthly Calendar of Events that includes a variety of classroom based programs that focus on native Florida. Many of these fantastic programs are also available online either through recorded videos or via live broadcast. Examples include: plant identification, learning venomous snakes and poisonous plants, and learning how to go outside to enjoy nature. Our trained Herbalist Melissa Nell is a career environmental educator (she was the Volunteer and Education Division Manager for Manatee Co Parks & Natural Resources for 13 years) and provides many programs for kids at off site locations featuring Florida native plants and animals. This including hikes, plant walks, birding tours, volunteer cleanups, and exotic plant removals. Because we focus very strongly on movement as healing, we have a full indoor archery range and offer a variety of themed archery programs as well as regular weekend open range opportunities for kids. We also offer environmental education classes in survival skills in partnership with Wild Wulf Ways, teaching children how to fish, hunt, and build their personal skills in fire building, structure creation, and general survival.

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Cypress Pillar Healing Arts
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