Ed Yarborough Youth Conservation Center

The Ed Yarborough Nature Center at the Geneva Wilderness Area was established with the mission to learn about nature by experiencing it. It features exhibits and displays that highlight the diverse ecology of Central Florida. Classes can learn about native wildlife, conservation, and biodiversity, or they may learn about land management by identifying native and nonnative flora and fauna. This is a facility that hosts environmental education and outreach for schools, private and public programs, and a summer Eco Camp program.

Wildlife viewing and tracking, biking, camping, and fishing can all be enjoyed at the Geneva Wilderness Area. A hike through various habitats on this lush 180 acre site can reward visitors with sighting gopher tortoise, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, grey fox, sandhill cranes, and other wading birds. Follow the red blazes marked on the trees to experience a quick hike, or make it a little more leisurely walk by stopping at the chapel and enjoying a view of the lake. Other trails mark off more challenging routes depending on the visitor's preference.

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Seminole County Leisure Services
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Ed Yarborough Nature Center
3485 N County Road 426
Geneva, Florida 32732

Phone: (407)349-0769
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