Gobblers Lodge

Gobblers Lodge is a 3D archery range where people of all ages can come to learn the sport, and even hone their bow hunting skills. The 2.5 acre 3D course is located on a 10-acre parcel and is wheelchair accessible/ADA compliant. Gobblers Lodge focuses on providing the community with free events as well as certified archery instruction to youth of local schools, churches, and at risk groups. Visitors get the experience of practicing archery in a "real life" setting by offering various elevated shooting platforms from which to shoot 3D targets set among trees to simulate hunting as well as an open range of targets set at 10 yard intervals up to 100 yards. Take your pick of any of the five shooting stations, including Buck Fever, Zombies, The Swamp, Rodents, or Turkeys, or try them all for an ultimate hunting experience!

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Gobblers Lodge
3856 Gobblers Lodge Road
Osteen, Florida 32764

Phone: 386-341-0793