Next Generation Athletics

Our mission is to introduce Archery, the world's oldest sport, to children 6-16 years old. Through this introduction we hope to instill a love for the sport. We also hope to teach children the positive aspects associated with sports through fun and games. No matter where a child goes in life, we feel that a positive introduction into sports will benefit them later in life.

We offer archery instruction for children 6-16 years old. We coach a number of public and private elementary schools. We are starting our first permanent site at our own archery range. All classes are outdoors weather permitting, rainy day plans are in place however. The outdoor curriculum includes games like Balloon shoot, "Grouping" challenge, soccer ball shoot, and fruit ninja just to name a few. We also cover range procedures and 10 shooting steps per USA Archery.

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Next Generation Athletics
3617 Crown Point Ct.
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Phone: 904-649-6447