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Reel Blessed is a chapter of Texas-based Fishing's Future. Reel Blessed holds family fish camps at various Florida locations where they teach basic and advanced angling skills! Our curriculum can be taught at schools, community centers, private ponds, lakes, county parks, public piers, or other community areas. We provide all the necessary fishing equipment for families to come and experience the joys of fishing together and catching their first fish.

Founded in 2007, Fishing's Future boasts more than 60 chapters nationwide with the goal of strengthening family bonds and to connecting families to the great outdoors through a quality Angling Education Experience. Fishing's Future has been recognized as one of the top Aquatic Education Programs in America and has educated well over a million individuals over the last 13 years. Using volunteers, Fishing's Future holds Family Fish Camps to teach basic and advanced angling skills. All families who attend are educated through 5 or 6 different skill stations. Each station focuses on a specific skill and participants are divided up into small family groups and circulated through each station. Mastery of each skill is demonstrated by all participants before moving on to the next skill station. Family Fish Camps are held both indoors and outdoors and at locations suitable for fishing from a bank or pier. Participants also learn about Environmental Stewardship and actively engage in a short litter clean-up before they go fishing. Fishing's Future is helping to shape the next generation of anglers and we believe that when families are properly taught the skills necessary to fish independently and the importance of protecting the environment, the future of fishing is bright. All Fishing's Future events are provided for free, and all events and outreach programs scheduled by a chapter's Master Angler are open to the public. Fishing's Future does not discriminate on age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or disabilities and believes that all individuals should have an opportunity to learn how to fish.

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