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Science Eye offers unique, science and environmental educational programs for teachers, home schoolers, camps, organization, clubs, scouts, weekend events and birthdays. Our field and at-your-site program safaris are engaging, hands-on, inquiry-based programs that enable children and adults to explore the world around them, gain new insights and make them aware that science is an exciting part of everything they do. Our goal is to have fun while instilling self-confidence, develop critical thinking skills and to create a positive relationship with the environment.

We currently have two set field trip programs, one to the beach (Coastal Exploration & Coastal Excursion) and the other to the Everglades (Everglades Experience & Everglades Excursion). However, we work with groups to create other field trip options. Some of our on-site programs begin in a (class)room and then have an outside portion to it.

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